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John Urpeth Rastrick contents


John Urpeth Rastrick
Ambergate, Nottingham, Boston
and Eastern Junction Railway


In The Guardian, 5, November, 1845, in an advertisement for the "Ambergate, Nottingham, & Boston and Eastern Junction Railway - provisionally registered", John Urpeth Rastrick is listed as Engineer. He gives reports to the directors in the same newspaper on 14 October, 1846 and 28 August, 1847. In the 1846 report he mentions "My principal engineer, Mr. John Underwood."

View from Nottingham Castle. Staff of the Ambergate, Nottingham, Boston and Eastern Junction Railway lived at Belvoir Terrace next to Green's Mill.

In 1848, John Underwood, engineer to the "Amber Gate, Nottingham, and Boston, and Eastern Junction Railway company" is listed as living at Belvoir Terrace.

In StPaulsPapanuiCemetery.pdf there is a short biography of Edward Dobson which says he joined the "firm of railway engineers, John Rastrick" and that "Rastrick stationed Edward and his family at Nottingham. A line was to be built from that city to London." There is a quote describing a little of Edward Dobson's life in Nottingham, saying he lived at Belvoir Terrace. However, the line Rastrick was working on, the ANBEJ ran east-west. Also, I have never come across John Rastrick as a firm of railway engineers.

Edward Dobson is not listed at this address in street directories of the time. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1850, arriving in Lyttleton in 1850.

1865 map showing ANBEJ station at Nottingham

Excerpt from a 1865 map showing ANBEJ station at Nottingham. The Midland station, now the mainline station for Nottingham, is to the left, off the edge of this section.

Sign at Ambergate Station

Sign at Ambergate Station...which the railway never reached. It opened between Colwick Junction and Grantham on 15 July 1850.



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John Urpeth Rastrick contents
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