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The Crossing (Aus 1990)

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Movies with the same title - Paar aka The Crossing (India 1984); The Crossing (France, 1988)

Sam (Robert Mammone) returns to his hometown afer many years, to take his girlfriend Meg (Danielle Spencer) back to the city.  But Meg has a new lover, Johnny (Russell Crowe).

Director: George Ogilvie
Music: Martin Armiger

"She's Not There" (Rod Argent) performed by Crowded House about an hour into the film, for a minute or two in a scene where Sam is on his own.

"Nature Boy" - Kate Ceberano:- drums - Peter Jones

Scene where 'She's Not There' is playing
Closing credits
Closing credits.


The Crossing CD
  • LP Regular TVL93336 (Aus) CHR1826 (UK)
  • CD Regular TVD93336 (Aus) CCD1826 (UK)
  • MC Regular TVC93336 (Aus) ???1826 (UK)
the crossing cd

Warning: there is an edition of the soundtrack album without "She's Not There" by Crowded House. See Crossing, The (Soundtrack) (Australian Rock Database) for detailed listings.


Compilation album

Other Enz
  • "The Other Enz: Split Enz & Beyond, Volume 1", (double CD), Raven Records, 1999.l RVCD-100

Album track listing

From the CD: Chrysalis CCD 1826

1. "Main Titles"
(Martin Armiger)

2. "King Of The Road"
(Roger Miller)
Performed by The Proclaimers

3. "Nature Boy"
(Eden Ahbez)
Performed by Kate Ceberano
Drums - Peter Jones

4. "She's Not There"
(Rod Argent)
Performed by Crowded House

5. "For Your Love"
(Graham Gouldman)
Performed by Peter Blakeley

6. "Betty Wrong"
(David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels)
Performed by Tin Machine

7. "The Chase"
(Martin Armiger)

8. "Here Comes That Feeling"
(Joe Osborne and Dorsey Burnette)
Performed by The Cockroaches

9. "My Boyfriend's Back"
(Bob Feldman, Gerald Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer)
Performed by The Chantoozies

10. "Nowhere To Run"
(Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland)
Performed by Stephen Cummings

11. "Love Letters"
(Edward Heyman and Victor Young)
Performed by Jenni Forbes

12. "Let's Dance"
(James Lee)
Performed by The Cockroaches

13. "Love Theme"
(Martin Armiger)


Movie music credits

Original music by Martin Armiger

The Band - The Cockroaches

Music Mixer Martin Oswin

Music Co-ordinator Martin Fabinyi
for Two Guys In A Mustang

Music Recorded and Mixed by Michael Stavrou
Music recorded at Metropolis Studio
and Powerplant Studio, Melbourne
Studios 301,
Paradise Studio
and Martin Armiger Studio, Sydney
Remixed at Studios 301
Assistant Engineers Ian Hayes, Paul Grant
Music Clearances Meyrick Smith
Music Assistant Vashti Rosenbeg

Strings orchestrated and conducted by Derek Williams
Strings led by Phillip Hartl
Solo Voice Tanya Sparke
Solo Trumpet Paul Tanichi
Solo Cello Tony Morgan
Solo Guitars Rex Goh
Vibes Andrew Wilkie
Samples Stuart Storm

"Nature Boy"
Written by Eden Ahbez
Performed by Kate Ceberano
Drums - Peter Jones

"Colonel Bogey March"
Written by Kenneth J. Alford
Performed by The Australian Military Band
Produced by Kevin Noon

"Love Letters"
Written by Edward Heyman and Victor Young
Performed by Jenni Forbes

Composed by Enrico Toselli
Solo Violin Phillip Hartl, Arranged by Derek Williams

"Nowhere To Run"
Written by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland
Performed by Stephen Cummings

"My Boyfriend's Back"
Written by Bob Feldman, Gerald Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer
Performed by The Chantoozies

"King Of The Road"
Written by Roger Miller
Performed by The Proclaimers
Produced by Pete Wingfield

"She's Not There"
Written by Rod Argent
Performed by Crowded House

"For Your Love"
Written by Graham Gouldman
Performed by Peter Blakeley

"Let's Dance"
Written by James Lee
Performed by The Cockroaches

"Here Comes That Feeling"
Written by Joe Osborne and Dorsey Burnette
Performed by The Cockroaches

"Betty Wrong"
Written by David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels
Performed and Produced by Tin Machine

All songs produced by Martin Armiger except as noted.

Soundtrack available on Regular Records and its Licensees.



Martin Armiger worked with Tim Finn on Cane Toads.
Peter Jones (Track 3) joined Crowded House as drummer after Paul Hester left.

"She's Not There" was the only song recorded and released by Crowded House in 1989. (Something So Strong, p165)

From:- Screen Scores, Studies in Contemporary Australian Film Music

"...The Crossing (1990) a low budget film on which a large percentage of his [Armiger's] music budget was spent on copyright clearance, high profile musicians and recording time for pop songs, only to discover in post production that it was extremely difficult to use all the material (especially whole tracks) in an effective way."

Rex Goh is in The Coca Cola Kid (Aus 1985).


Movie release information

Opened: 18 Oct 1990
Video: RCA-Columbia-Hoyts (Aus)

Video 20:20 Vision NVT 13296 (UK, Ex-rental, 1991)

The Crossing - video UK DVD
UK rental video, 1991; UK DVD, 2006




Crossing, The (Soundtrack) (Australian Rock Database)
Crossing, The (Aus 1990); The Crossing Soundtrack (Internet Movie Database)


Sources of information

Aus Film; CD; Disc; Halliwell; Internet Movie; Rec Coll; Screen Scores, Studies in Contemporary Australian Film Music; Something So Strong; video


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